Describing DJ Feindsoul’s musical development is not easy. Known for spinning drum’n’bass, Feindsoul also plays all kinds of breakbeats, nujazz and downbeats as well as electro, house and a bit of techno.

Feindsoul started his DJ career in 1996, having written and performed with various alternative rock projects since the early 90s. The last 18 years have not only made his name as a DJ in almost every corner of Germany; he was the first German DJ booked to play the Jamaican city of Negril. For two nights he played on top of the famous “Pirates Caves”. He also played a short tour of Omaha, NE (USA) in 2007.

After playing around with groovesboxes for years, he started seriously producing in 2004 at his mate’s Mad Vibes studio. In 2005 he set up his own studio.

Productions to date include a remix for the German drum ‘n’ bass live-band “Die Spielwiese” with Madvibes, which was released on their remix album in 2006. Another release was “Hollow” with Madvibes and Amaning on UK label “Jerona Fruits”.
Mad Vibes and Feindsouls Tune “Sour” was released on the “Sidechain Music” label in December 2006. “Jericho” was part of the “Silberrücken Beatz” Compilation.
Feindsoul also did a Remix for DJ Winters “7 year itch” ep on New York based “Taciturn Records”.
More tunes by Feindsoul & Mad Vibes were released on the “Sidechain Music” label in 2010.

A quick heads up! Feindsoul hosts a drum ‘n’ bass night at the famous Red Cat Club in Mainz called “Break!sm”. This event isn’t about self-promotion, but about inviting good people to help push drum ‘n’ bass forward together. Some of the guests so far: Blame, Kabuki, Mad Vibes, Audio Unit, Bassface Sascha, Lightwood, Franksen, Marusha, Kriz Lee, Scumdog, M-Pire, M van Houten, Mieze, Amaning, Chris Impulse, MC Soultrain, MC Rodyho, MC Mezcla, MC Double J + MC DubLN (more of a fixture than a guest!).

Before “Break!sm” started in 2003, Feindsoul hosted several club nights featuring such artists as: TGM, Cativo, TJ Hookah, Phoneheads, G-I-S, E.Decay, Coresplittaz, Walter B38 & Miss Dee, Maya Lympics, Turrican, Baha & Stevcos, DJ Janro, Tigger, Thomas L, MC Rascal, MC Ronin & Glacius, MC Maroon – just to name a few.

When not DJing, Joerg Nawra, so his real name, works as a freelance editor. Since the early 2000s he writes reviews, articles and interviews for drumandbass-related like Breakbeat Magazin, Resident Magazin or Ouk. He caught the attention of labels like Precision or Sidechain Music which he supported in the field of public relations.

He currently writes drumandbass-reviews for Faze magazine, reviews dj-gear for delamar.de and provides all kinds of public relation and editorial for customers like Rane/Serato, Zomo and other big players in the dj-gear business.